Changes in version 1.41 (2005.12.3)
*add a key on at #each tag for each model by on ${keys} list

Changes in version 1.4 (2005.11.2)
*add IfTag for if condition, condition expression support for beanshell

Changes in version 1.31 (2005.10.28)
*add PageTag for split page (your sheet must have a split char first)

Changes in version 1.3 (2005.07.11)
*add synchronized keyword for threadsafe of the registerTagPackage method
*fix export method to clear default context after finished
*add OgnlDynaBean class
*add OgnlDynaClass class
*remove OgnlValueStackShadowMap class
*modify ExcelResult to add default content to context
*fix an EachTag bug
*fix default Context bug, different request can be same thread Id, ThreadLocal
 don't get different context in different request, set the default context null
 when it was used(in export method and ExcelResult.doExecute)

Changes in version 1.2 (2005.07.10)
*modifiy #each tag to shift cells after the tag.

Changes in version 1.1 (2005.07.08)
*add #formula tag to support excel formula
*fix POI package to support chinese character in formula
*modify #each tag to support merge cell
*modify #each tag to support Collection,Array Model
*fix WorkbookUtils.copyRow to copy merged region

Changes in version 1.0 (2005.07.06)
*add #call tag to call method in a template
*refactor the package
*fix copyRow function not copy row height

Changes in version 0.9 (2005.07.01)
*fix some bugs
*refactor packages

Changes in version 0.8 (2005.06.25)
*add a parseStr method to parse complex expression

Changes in version 0.7 (2005.06.24)
*create a webwork result class name ExcelResult
*fixed some bugs

Changes in version 0.6 (2005.06.22)
*create a ITag interface
*create a ForeachTag class to parse #foreach
*create a EachTag clas to parse #each
*create a SumTag class to parse #sum
*you can custom a tag by implements ITag,
for example, #foo tag will be parse by FooTag class
you must place the FooTag class in net.sf.excelutils.tags package

Changes in version 0.5 (2005.06.21)
*add parseWorkbook method in ExcelUtils class

Changes in version 0.4 (2005.06.20)
*add #sum key to sum the collection

Changes in version 0.3 (2005.06.19)
*add nesting for expression

Changes in version 0.2 (2005.06.18)
*add nesting #foreach function

Changes in version 0.1 (2005.06.17)
*release first